Opening Online Demat Account with Dhanush: A Step-by-Step Guide


by Sandip Das on 15 May 2024,  2 min read


To initiate the opening of a new Demat account, either access the MyDhanush App on iOS/Android or navigate to the MyDhanush Web platform and follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Registering Mobile Number and Email ID

Input your registered mobile number and proceed to “open an account”. Enter the OTP received on your mobile and confirm.
Opt to register using your Google ID or enter your email address, then continue. Verify by entering the OTP sent to your email and confirm.

Step 2: Verification of Aadhar and PAN Details

Enter your PAN number along with your father’s name, then continue.
Confirm your PAN name and proceed with Digilocker.
Enter your Aadhar number and proceed. Confirm by entering the OTP received on your mobile.
Note: If Digilocker verification fails, manually upload your PAN image and continue.

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Step 3: Providing Bank Details & Digital Verification

Select your bank name and input your bank details. If necessary, upload an image of a cancelled check and proceed.
Utilise the “click selfie” button to upload your selfie. Alternatively, use your phone’s camera by selecting “click here” and scanning the QR code.
Upload your signature either by uploading a signature photo or signing digitally, then continue.

Step 4: Activating Segments & Adding Nominee

Activate derivatives by manually uploading income-proof details or choose to skip by selecting “Do it later”.
Add nominees by clicking on ‘Add Nominee’, or alternatively, skip this step by selecting “Do it later”.

Step 5: E-sign

Sign using Aadhar by selecting ‘e-Sign part 1’.
Verification may take 24-48 hours to complete.

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