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    Why Do You Need a Demat Account?

    Just like your bank account is used to store your cash and record all financial transactions conducted through it, a Demat account is used to hold your securities such as stocks, debentures, bonds, ETFs, MFs, etc. and provide detailed information regarding your trades.

    Up until 1996, shares were traded in physical form and each transaction would require the creation of a paper certificate. Naturally, this entailed a great deal of paperwork and was prone to manual errors. Moreover, there was a big delay in the transfer of ownership of the shares. Today, the entire online process is quick, smooth and seamless without the hassles of maintaining any paper certificates and other documents. Demat stands for dematerialised, and has become a mandatory requirement to trade in NSE, BSE, and other stock exchanges.

    The importance of a demat account with Dhanush :

    Benefits of Opening Demat & Trading Account

    Dhanush is a simplified, single platform for trading and investing that allows you to build a diverse and healthy portfolio across various asset classes, such as:

    • Stocks
      & IPOs

    • Futures
      & Options

    • Mutual Funds
      & ETFs

    • Currency
      & Commodity

    • Global Investing

    How to Open Demat Account Online With Dhanush?

    All it takes are a few simple steps to unleash the power of Dhanush. Get started now!


    Personal & Bank Details

    Enter some basic personal details and add a bank account to link. Our platform is built with advanced security infrastructure ensuring your personal data is 100% secure at all times.


    Paperless Document

    No fuss, no hassles. Just upload your KYC details online, and we’ll complete the verification process and keep you updated on the status.



    Once completed, review and conveniently e-sign your account opening form online to complete the demat account opening process.

    Why Open Demat Account with Dhanush?


    Quick Onboarding

    Hassle-free and paperless onboarding process. Get a My Dhanush Demat account with just basic documents like PAN, Aadhaar and eKYC.


    Easy and Secure Accessibility

    Multiple access points through My Dhanush mobile app or web portal to ensure you never miss a lucrative opportunity. Added security through biometric or OTP-based login.


    Intuitive and Responsive Platform

    Search stocks easily using smart lists and smart filters. Make quick financial decisions and even quicker trades using our platform’s world-class high UI/UX.


    Expert Insights

    Get the latest news, stock updates, detailed charts, analytic reports, free trading calls, and find in-depth information to make the right moves.

    The entire experience of Dhanush platform is based on the principles of convenience and transparency.

    Seamless Trading with No Hidden Charges


    Equity Delivery


    Intraday, Futures and Commodity


    Options and Currency


    To open a Demat + Trading account

    Our Platform & Tools

    Dhanush – Always Available, Easily Accessible

    Irrespective of the device or Operating System you use, Dhanush will ensure you never miss a trading or investment opportunity.

    • Securely synchronise your data among devices.

    • Stay on top of your portfolio from anywhere and at any time.

    • Trade across time zones and markets with zero lag. No minimum balance required

    What Our Happy Partner Say About Us

    You can feel the pride of being a Ashika investor in their words.

    ” While the Dhanush platform is both intuitive and user-friendly, I must make a special mention of their customer service team. Highly patient and well-informed, they were able to resolve my concerns effectively helping me make the most out of my trading experience. ”

    Ratikant Agnihotri

    ” An amazing feature of Dhanush is that I have been able to consolidate all my investments in one place. Now, my stocks, ETFs, and MFs are very easy to manage and I can check the health of my portfolio through a single dashboard. ”

    Surbhi Pande

    ” The entire account opening was so convenient and completed in no time at all. And for free! The app is very stable and secure and transferring of funds is easy and instant. Kudos to the team. ”

    Amit Saha


    ” I am very impressed with the Dhanush app. It is very responsive and provides a great user experience. Searching for stocks and trading is easy peasy. ”

    Rishika Sen


    ” The foundation of any good stock portal or app is fundamental and technical analysis. As a seasoned trader, I am highly satisfied with the realtime information that Dhanush provided as it helps me make the right moves in the market. ”

    Dhiren Shah

    Solution Architect

    FAQs On Demat Account

    Trading in the stock market can be a lucrative activity, however, individuals are not allowed to do it directly on their own. If you wish to trade in shares and other securities then, in accordance with SEBI rules, having a demat account is a mandatory requirement. This demat account is opened with a registered Depository Participant (DP) like a bank or a reputed brokering house like Ashika Group. While different DPs may have different charges for opening a demat account, Ashika Group’s Dhanush platform allows you to open one for free, and that too in a matter of a few minutes. This free Dhanush demat account allows you to invest in multiple asset classes like stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs and more without any hassles.

    All you need to open a free demat account with Dhanush are:
    PAN Card, Photograph, Aadhaar Card, Income Proof, Webcam for personal identification, and a Cancelled personalised cheque.

    Yes, the nomination facility is, both, available and encouraged in the Dhanush demat account. While it is not mandatory, adding a nominee is recommended as it eliminates the tedious processes involved with the transfer of shares to the rightful heirs in the unfortunate demise of the sole demat account owner.

    By registering a nominee, the entire process becomes extremely smooth and seamless. Up to 3 nominees can be registered while opening the demat account or even at any later stage as per your convenience. The addition of nominees can be done online using the Dhanush web portal or app, or offline by visiting the nearest Ashika Group stock broking office.

    While different DPs may have different timelines and processes for opening a demat account, when you choose to do so with Dhanush, it takes only a few minutes. The entire online demat account opening process is an entirely paperless and hassle-free process without the need for any manual assistance. The intuitive UI of the Dhanush platform guides you through all the steps of the account opening process that includes the uploading of documents and a seamless video-based KYC. Even if you do, somehow, get stuck in any of the steps then Ashika Group’s 24×7 customer team is there to hold your hand till completion.

    All you need to open a free demat account with Dhanush are:
    PAN Card, Photograph, Aadhaar Card, Income Proof, Webcam for personal identification, and a Cancelled Personalised cheque.

    The traditional, offline mode of opening a demat account is also available. However, due to the physical paperwork involved, it takes longer than the online account opening process.

    A demat account’s primary function is to hold various securities like stocks, bonds, ETFs, commodities, currencies etc.; quite similar to how your bank account holds your cash. But you will also wish to buy and sell stocks to make profits and build a fund for your future financial needs. For this purpose, you need to open a trading account as well and have the two of them linked to each other.

    Dhanush allows you to open a trading cum demat account in one go and have them linked automatically. This allows you seamlessly trade using the platform, buy and sell stocks and other securities at will and hold them securely in your demat account. In this way, you can trade faster, execute quicker and incur lesser costs since both the accounts are on the single platform.

    Yes, indeed. Each demat account has a bank account number linked to it as part of the account opening process. This bank account is the default mode for the transfer of funds to and from your demat account, although the option of using UPI for funds transfer also exists.
    The entire process is transparent, paperless, and online which can be achieved from any web-enabled device on which you are using the Dhanush platform. The request can be made anytime through the platform by following these simple steps:

    Step 1: Log in to the Dhanush app/web portal.
    Step 2: Find the option of ‘Withdraw Funds’ and tap on it.
    Step 3: Check the amount available in your Dhanush account and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
    Step 4: Select the bank account to transfer the money to and tap on ‘Withdraw Funds’.
    Step 5: That’s it. Based on your bank’s transaction timelines, the amount will reflect in your bank account and you will be notified of the same.

    For trading subsequently, you will need to add funds back into your Dhanush account.

    An individual investor has the option to open multiple demat accounts. SEBI regulations permit this as long as each demat account is in the name of a primary account holder with their PAN card linked to each of the accounts. People use multiple demat accounts to have a better segregation in their portfolios and cater to their various short-term and long-term financial ambitions. On the other hand, having a single demat account for all your securities provides better and more holistic visibility regarding your holdings. It is easier to manage, simpler to transact in and more convenient to calculate annual gains and applicable tax implications. The choice is entirely yours.

    While SEBI allows you to have multiple demat accounts, you cannot have more than one demat account with a single Depository Participant (bank or broker).

    India has witnessed a major IPO boom in the recent two years. IPO (Initial Public Offering) are the means through which companies get publicly listed on the stock market to raise capital. It gives investors the opportunity to invest in new companies across various sectors at lower prices and reap the benefits when the stock prices go up. In an IPO stocks are bid for using a demat account. Dhanush allows you to apply for an IPO directly through its web/app medium and the entire process is accomplished in a matter of a few clicks or taps. Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

    Step 1: Log in to the MyDhanush app or web portal.
    Step 2: Go into the Profile Menu that is located on the left-hand side of your screen and tap the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines one on top of the other).
    Step 3: Tap on the ‘Apply IPO’ option to open the IPO bidding window.
    Step 4: Choose the IPO in which you wish to invest by tapping the ‘Apply Now’ button.
    Step 5: Enter your Bid details in the subsequent screen and tap on ‘Buy’
    Step 6: You will now need to enter your UPI ID to block the requisite amount for the payment of the IPO application.
    Step 7: Authorise the payment request on your UPI app.
    Step 8: The Bids placed will appear in your ‘IPO Orderbook’

    Note: If you are not allotted the shares, the amount is reverted to your UPI linked bank account in a matter of a few working days.

    In India, you cannot trade in shares and other such securities without a trading and a demat account. The demat account is necessary to hold the shares and other forms of equities. Not only is the Dhanush demat account opening free, but there is also no requirement of maintaining a minimum balance in the account. However, if you wish to purchase shares, then you will need to add funds to your demat cum trading account from your linked bank account or UPI ID.

    Opening a demat account online is entirely safe as long as you do a thorough search beforehand and choose a reputed broker with proper industry credentials.

    Having handled over ₹ 5 lakh crores per year in trades for more than 1.25 lakh clients, the Dhanush platform is cognizant of the importance of data and information security. This is why it is backed by a bank-grade security infrastructure that ensures secure login, the confidentiality of personal and financial information, and flags any abnormal activity in your account. The entire process is completely transparent and is complemented by a 24×7 support team that is available to provide any assistance in case of security or other trading-related concerns.