Cipla Stock Price Top Nifty50 Gainer, Jumps 5% After Solid growth prospects, Management’s Positive Commentary


by Sandip Das on 13 May 2024,  4 min read


Cipla‘s stock soared by over 5 percent and was the top Nifty50 gainer in the midst of challenging market conditions bolstered by the company’s robust growth prospects and optimistic management commentary. Let’s delve into a detailed exploration of Cipla’s strategies, recent developments, and future outlook.

Cipla, a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry, is strategically focusing on maintaining a seamless pipeline of drug launches to fuel its growth trajectory in the forthcoming fiscal years. The company has outlined ambitious plans to introduce approximately 12 assets in the peptides and complex generics segment between FY25 and FY27. Additionally, Cipla boasts a lineup of five respiratory assets, underscoring its commitment to diversification and innovation. Analysts at brokerage firm JPMorgan anticipate that this formidable pipeline, particularly in the lucrative US market, will significantly enhance Cipla’s growth visibility beyond FY26.

Furthermore, Cipla has successfully executed remediation measures at its Goa site, a critical manufacturing facility, and is eagerly anticipating a re-inspection by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This impending re-inspection, expected within the next three months, holds considerable importance for investors and analysts alike, as it could serve as a pivotal catalyst for the company’s stock performance. Both Nuvama Institutional Equities and JPMorgan view the outcome of this inspection as a key determinant of Cipla’s near-term prospects.

In a display of confidence regarding its growth trajectory, Cipla’s management has unveiled an EBITDA guidance of 24.5-25.5 percent for FY25. Notably, this guidance excludes potential impacts from USFDA compliance issues at the Goa site. The proactive stance of the management has been met with positive reception from industry experts, with both Nuvama and JPMorgan expressing favorable views on Cipla’s margin guidance, which surpassed their initial projections.

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Cipla’s financial performance for the March quarter underscored its resilience and adaptability in the face of evolving market dynamics. The company reported a staggering 79 percent year-on-year surge in net profit, reaching Rs 939 crore. It’s worth noting that this impressive bottom-line growth was partially attributed to one-time impairment charges amounting to Rs 182.42 crore in the corresponding period of the previous year, resulting in a favorable base effect.

However, Cipla’s revenue for the quarter slightly fell short of market expectations, registering a 13 percent year-on-year increase to Rs 6,163 crore. Despite this, the company’s US business delivered a commendable performance, achieving an 11 percent growth at USD 226 million. Conversely, Cipla’s India business faced challenges stemming from soft seasonal demand in its consumer segment, recording a modest 7 percent year-on-year growth, which fell below analyst forecasts of a low-double-digit expansion.

From an operational standpoint, Cipla witnessed a noteworthy improvement in its EBITDA margin, which expanded by 54 basis points year-on-year to reach 21.4 percent. This enhancement underscores the company’s commitment to operational efficiency and cost optimization amidst a competitive landscape.

Cipla’s recent performance and strategic initiatives reflect its resilience and proactive approach towards navigating market volatility and driving sustainable growth. With a robust pipeline of product launches, imminent regulatory developments, and a resilient financial outlook, Cipla appears poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities and cement its position as a leading player in the pharmaceutical landscape.

At 11:45 AM, Cipla stock price was trading at Rs 1,414.45 on NSE, up Rs 74.90 or 5.59 percent.

Source: moneycontrol

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