Senior Product Manager


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About the Company & Role:

Ashika Group is a 28+ years old diversified financial services group offering services including Brokerage, Lending, Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Asset Management.

Ashika Stock Broking, the broking vertical of Ashika Group is the largest retail stock broker in East India. Dhanush is Ashika Stock Broking’s cutting-edge B2C stock trading app, which provides users access to multiple asset classes (such as equity markets, commodity, currency, mutual funds, etc.) on a single platform. 

As a Senior Product Manager of Dhanush, your pivotal role centers on crafting and elevating user-facing experiences, equipping them to make informed investment decisions. Your core mission involves delving into the requirements of Indian users and crafting tailored products and features, especially in the realm of the Stock Markets. You will assume full ownership of one of our investment products/offerings, bearing responsibility for its vital business metrics. Collaboration with multifaceted teams, including Designers, Engineers, and Product Marketers, will be instrumental in propelling product growth and fostering widespread adoption.


Key Responsibilities:

Insight-Driven Approach

   – Collaborate seamlessly with different team leads to define problem areas and validate decision-making.

   – Utilize data insights to evaluate and shape the narrative.

   – Understand and apply key usage metrics across all product areas for informed decision-making.

   – Stay informed about industry trends and competitor activities.

Strategic Ownership

   – Shape the product area strategy along with the managerial team.

   – Take ownership of the team’s roadmap, aligning it with strategic inputs.

   – Brainstorm new features and prioritize which features to implement next

Execution Excellence

   – Effectively articulate problem statements and actively explore multiple solutions.

   – Run efficient and effective beta tests, facilitating rapid adaptation to results.

   – Collaborate with Product Marketing Managers (PMMs) to define the product story, launch plans, and pricing strategies.

Driving Measurable Outcomes

   – Ensures high product quality with minimal bugs and issues, contributing to QA efforts.

   – Demonstrate meaningful impacts on customers and business.

Leadership Behaviors

   – Make assertive decisions and establish clear escalation paths to resolve issues promptly.

   – Maintains frequent and effective communication with the team, product leadership, and key stakeholders.

   – Consistently and reliably own problems and drive solutions within and across teams, peers, and partners.


Qualifications & Requirements:

– Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering or Management

–  5+ years of experience as a Product Manager 

– Experience in B2C segment 

– Excellent communication skills with the ability to convey complex ideas effectively. Role will involve coordinating with various stakeholders. 

– Lead a team with the ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. 

– Knowledge of financial markets, trading, and investment principles

– Persistence and a whatever-it-takes approach to ensure that your product is successful.

– Having personal experience in Online Trading will be an added advantage

– Knowledge of Firebase Analytics is an added advantage



Kolkata or Mumbai