Head of Surveillance and RMS


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About Us:

Ashika Group is a 28+ years old diversified financial services group offering services including Brokerage, Lending, Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Asset Management.

Ashika Stock Broking, the broking vertical of Ashika Group is the largest retail stock broker in East India. Dhanush is Ashika Stock Broking’s cutting-edge B2C stock trading app, which provides users access to multiple asset classes (such as equity markets, commodity, currency, mutual funds, etc.) on a single platform.


Key Responsibilities:

CTCL Expertise: Demonstrated working experience with trading software (Rupeeseed, Greeksoft, Symphony software), providing leadership and guidance to the team in utilizing this software effectively for real-time market surveillance.

Handling MTF and LAS: Proficiently manage Margin Trading Facility (MTF) and Loan Against Shares (LAS) operations, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and optimizing trading strategies.

Risk Management: Develop and implement robust risk management strategies, including knowledge of span margins, var margins, margin reportings, quarterly settlements, peak margins, and margin allocations.

Surveillance Operations: Lead the market surveillance team in monitoring trading activities, identifying irregularities, and implementing corrective actions to maintain market integrity and security.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure strict adherence to all regulatory guidelines and reporting requirements, collaborating with regulatory bodies as necessary.

Team Leadership: Provide strong leadership and mentorship to the Risk Management System (RMS) team, fostering a culture of excellence, continuous improvement, and teamwork.


Key Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (B.Com) in Any Specialization
  • Experience of handling Retail broking RMS.
  • Finalizing products and policy for Broking RMS.
  • Expertise in handling Admin terminal like use of Rules and categories
  • Preparation of Various Risk MIS
  • Development of Back office software and In house development related to Risk Department.
  • Follow up of Debits and Risk with the branches/regional heads