Ambuja Cements Stock Price Gains


by Sandip Das on 18 April 2024,  4 min read


Ambuja Cements, a prominent player in the Indian cement industry, witnessed a significant uptick in its share price during the morning session on April 18, 2024. This surge came on the heels of ICICI Securities maintaining a ‘buy’ rating on the stock and revising its target price to Rs 831 per share, marking a remarkable 35 percent increase from the current market price, according to a report.

The bullish sentiment surrounding Ambuja Cements can be attributed to a series of strategic moves and favorable developments that have unfolded in April 2024. Firstly, the company’s stakeholders injected a substantial amount of capital, totaling Rs 8,340 crore, thereby fulfilling a significant portion of the pledged Rs 20,000 crore. This infusion of funds underscores the robust financial backing behind Ambuja’s expansion endeavors.

Furthermore, Ambuja Cement’s reserves soared past the Rs 23,000 crore mark, signaling ample resources to fuel its ambitious growth trajectory. With a solid financial foundation in place, the company is poised to accelerate its production target to 140 million tonnes per year, a feat that promises to bolster its market position and revenue streams significantly.

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One of the pivotal highlights of Ambuja’s expansion strategy is its acquisition of a 1.5 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) grinding unit in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. This strategic move not only strengthens Ambuja’s foothold in the southern region but also augments the capabilities of its subsidiary, Sanghi Industries (SIL). By leveraging SIL’s cement transportation infrastructure through sea routes, Ambuja aims to tap into new markets and capitalize on the burgeoning demand for construction materials in South India.

The impending fundraising initiative by SIL, scheduled for April 22, serves as a testament to the company’s commitment to fueling its growth trajectory. The infusion of fresh capital is expected to provide SIL with the necessary financial impetus to pursue its expansion plans aggressively. This move aligns with Ambuja’s overarching strategy of enhancing its market presence and cementing its position as a key player in the Indian cement industry.

ICICI Securities, in its latest report, expressed confidence in Ambuja’s prospects for sector outperformance. The brokerage highlighted three key factors that underpin its bullish outlook:

Capacity Creation: Ambuja is actively pursuing capacity expansion initiatives, signaling its commitment to meeting the growing demand for cement in India’s burgeoning infrastructure sector.

Cost-Efficiency: The company’s relentless focus on cost optimization is expected to provide it with a competitive edge over its peers. By enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing costs, Ambuja can bolster its profitability and shareholder value.

Return on Equity (RoE): Despite the ongoing expansion efforts, Ambuja is poised to maintain a robust RoE in the range of 11-14 percent, excluding cash reserves. This underscores the company’s ability to generate sustainable returns for its shareholders while pursuing its growth agenda.

Ambuja Cements’ recent spate of strategic initiatives, coupled with favorable market dynamics, has positioned the company for significant growth and value creation. With a strong financial foundation, ambitious expansion plans, and the backing of bullish sentiments from leading brokerages like ICICI Securities, Ambuja is primed to emerge as a frontrunner in India’s thriving cement industry landscape. As investors anticipate the realization of its growth potential, the upward trajectory of Ambuja’s share price reflects the market’s optimism and confidence in the company’s future prospects.

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